Friday, August 27, 2010

For the Love of Cake...

Do you ever watch those cake decorating shows? There's a bunch of them on tv these days...reality shows and competitions on the Food Network.

Many, many years ago I used to be a cake decorator. Ok, that is REALLY stretching it when I put it that way. But I did decorate cakes. They were ice cream cakes at Baskin Robbins (yum!!). What I did was SO basic and amateur but it was fun and I still use those basic skills on occasion for cakes for my family.

Well, the other day I was flipping through my new issue of Family Circle magazine and came across a little article about Cake Pops. Have you seen these things? So cute!

(photo from Family Circle)

The little article refers to a blogger who started making these things and I knew I had to check it out. I am loving her blog and I bet you will too! She's actually published a cookbook all about Cake Pops (coming out in September). So far in looking around her blog my favorite Cake Pops are the Ice Cream Cone ones.

So go check out Bakerella's blog right now!!!

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