Wednesday, April 6, 2011

If You Read My Post About The Extreme Couponing Show...

I just read what Tara, the Deal Seeking Mom, posted about why she won't be watching the Extreme Couponing show tonight.  It is a great post and so well written.  I agree whole-heartedly with what she wrote although I will be tuning in to see the show out of curiosity.  Go HERE to read her post.

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  1. I'll read Tara's post tonight.

    To tell you the truth, the people on the show made me sick. I think it's stupid to buy all of that stuff just for the sake of buying it. One guy donated it and I like that, but the rest of them seemed to pile it up just to admire it. I think stores should have limits on how many coupons you can use at one time.

  2. It makes me crazy to watch how they do it on that show. It is very staged. Stores don't allow you to use that many coupons, etc. It makes me mad to see how they clear the shelves like that. I think of the next lady who comes by wanting to buy the item to feed her family only to find that someone has come in and bought all 100 of it. The show is not reality for how the majority of us couponers shop and it gives a very bad impression.

  3. It's simply an addiction and most of them get an adrenaline rush. How long would it take to use 100 bottles of mustard before you have to throw them out? At least one of the shoppers donated.