Friday, October 29, 2010

Spotlight: Serving While Saving

Last week I spotlighted my favorite blog to use when planning my grocery trips to Harris Teeter (read that post here).  Today I want to spotlight another blog I follow...

Mandy at Serving While Saving is a friend and neighbor.  She and I both started couponing around the same time and started our blogs around the same time too.  It's been fun learning all about this stuff together.

The thing I that I like about Mandy's blog that is different from a lot of other bargain blogs is her focus on her faith and giving to others.  She is getting ready to kick off Project H.O.P.E.  for the holiday season...helping a family in need here in our area.  Follow along and see what happens...

She announced today that she is getting ready for another giveaway soon!  Fun : )

Please visit Serving While Saving and if you like what you see follow her or subscribe to emails. 

Love ya, Mandy!


  1. Jennifer,
    For Christmas, our family talked about giving to another family in need rather than giving each other gifts, or a large "shared" gift.
    Been pondering how to do this!
    Good timing for me to come to your place, huh?
    I'll go say "hey" to Mandy!
    Are you having a blessed weekend? I pray so!
    Hugs sweet friend!