Friday, July 1, 2011

Tie Dye Day

The kids and I took advantage of a sale at A.C. Moore and bought all the supplies we needed for some tie-dye fun.  I've always loved tie-dye t-shirts but hadn't done it in years.  We had a great time!


It was hard to wait until the next day to see our creations.  A little pool time in the morning helped to distract! 

Here are all of the colorful creations after we unwrapped them.  So cool!

Oops...didn't pay attention to the dog.  She got a little too close to our wet shirts and now has a nice blue streak of fur!

We are loving our new summertime shirts!

I've added this post to Amanda's Weekend Bloggy Reading...

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  1. We did them a couple of times for my nieces b-day parties as an activity for the kids and they were always a hit! Visiting from Amanda's party. Happy 4th!