Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Late in posting this week's dinner plans...

Monday...Chili and rice (do you eat yours this way?  Thought it was weird until I tried it)
Tuesday...Creamy Italian Crock Pot Chicken with noodles and broccoli (trying a new recipe...will post soon)
Wednesday...out for dinner to benefit kid's school
Thursday...Taco Soup and beer bread

I've been pulling lots of new recipes to try and will be posting them soon!


  1. how was the creamy italian chicken meal?

  2. Yes, I've eaten chili with rice many many times. At first it was due to need of frugality: five kids, one pot of chili and one pot of rice =s well fed kids, lol. Also toned down spiciness of chili for those who were too young for it. I often list it on my blog menus this way because it is such a frugal dish.

    Just discovered your blog. Enjoyed my visit.

  3. My husband and his family introduced me to chili over rice. I also thought it was very strange. NOW, I MUST have rice with my chili! There's only one chili that I can eat without rice and that's sweet potato chili...I serve that over cornbread!