Monday, August 9, 2010

Feed Your Brain...

One way that I've been trying to keep my kids' brains active this summer is by keeping quick educational activities close at hand.

We have a Brain Basket with several kinds of flashcards, math bingo games, and more. I keep this near our kitchen table and many nights after dinner we pull out some of these to play with during kitchen clean-up. We started this during the school year last year as a way to help my daughter learn her multiplication tables and my son to work on sight words. We've tried to keep it up a little during the summer months.

Now, with the new school year a few weeks away, I will be on the lookout for new items to put in our Brain Basket to keep up with all of the new skills they will be learning.

Do you have any tips or ideas to keep your kids' brains active and ready for learning?

I've linked up with Back-To-School Tips at Southern Fried Dreams.

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  1. What an awesome tip! I love it! Thank you for being the first to join the party. Have a great (and productive WH) week!