Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Weekend Family Fun

We live about 45 minutes away from the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which is quite a big deal in this area. We are not big Nascar fans but know and appreciate enough about it. The speedway offers tours and we took advantage of it on Saturday. The weather was just beautiful...

The tour takes you to behind-the-scenes areas that you cannot access during a race, such as pit road, the garage area and a chance to take your picture in Victory Circle.

The highlight of the tour was definitely the lap around the track at about 90mph in a 15-passenger van! Pretty amazing to see what it feels like in those turns.

At the end of the tour we spent some time in the stands watching people take part in the Richard Petty Driving Experience (now my husband thinks that's what he wants for his birthday!).
It was a fun, inexpensive way to spend a Saturday afternoon with the family discovering something new (for us) in the city we call home.
Click here to learn more about the Feel The Thrill Tours offered at Charlotte Motor Speedway...

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  1. This really looks and sounds like it would have been a whole bunch of fun!! I love watching Nascar racing every chance I can!! The sounds of the engines and just plain car racing is wonderful!! I've only have watched them on tv, but who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to go and watch them in a real Nascar race! I bet that was something to ride around the track in a 15 passenger van at 90 miles per hour! WOW!! My son drives a 15 passenger van sometimes at his workplace on base... I can't imagine traveling the track in something that big and going 90 MPH!! Awesome!!