Monday, March 8, 2010

Making Some Money with Surveys

Do you participate with any online survey companies? Have you ever wondered if they are worth it?

I have been a member of MySurvey for a little while now and have recently joined Pinecone Research. So far I am happy with both companies. Of course I am not making big money by taking these surveys but every little bit helps! Each company offers something different...some offer cash, gift cards, prizes, entries into sweepstakes drawings, etc. I like the ones that pay out in cash or gift cards.

MySurvey is very user friendly. I find that some weeks I have several survey opportunities and others I have one or two. You will earn points for the "screener" survey to see if you qualify for the main survey and then even more points if you qualify to go on to the main survey. Once you reach 1,000 points you will get paid with a $10 check. You may also have the opportunity to try our product in your home and provide additional feedback. I just received a box last week for a product (it is kept confidential) so I am getting paid, so to speak, with this product that I get to use in my home.

Pinecone Research is a new one for me but I have recently completed my first survey for them and am waiting for both a $3 check for completing the survey, as well as product to try in my home and provide feedback (again, it is confidential). Go here to see my previous post about Pinecone Research and how to sign up...

There are other survey companies out there...these are the ones I have some experience with so far. I have heard that Opinion Outpost is also a good, reputable one but I have not signed up with them yet.

KouponKaren has a good listing of survey sites...


  1. So-how do you sign up for Pinecone Research??

  2. I've updated my post to include my previous post about signing up for Pinecone Research. From what I understand it is usually hard to get into their program but they recently opened it up for new members..not sure if they are still accepting them???