Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grocery Store Competition is a Good Thing!

Today's front page story of the Charlotte Observer is "New Frugality Shows Up In Local Checkout Lanes". The article focuses on Walmart taking over the top spot for groceries in the market share for the Charlotte area and how other grocers are reacting to it.

After reading it I was reminded that I am so thankful to have such competition among grocery stores in this area! They are all wanting our business and are continually coming up with ways to earn it.

Many cities do not have stores that double coupons everyday...or ever! And did you know that the only Bi-Lo stores that double coupons up to a 99 cent face value are the ones in the Charlotte area? All of their other stores will double to just a 60 cent face value.

I used to think I was spending my grocery dollars the best at Walmart...then I learned how to truly use coupons and found that I spend MUCH LESS at Harris Teeter with their sales combined with double coupons, super double coupons and triple coupons.

Of course, you will still see me at Walmart at times : )

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